KAWIBIS are only a few of many characters that belong to the INKAWAII brand created by my wife Mariola and me, Jarén.  We want our brand to speak to this and future generations through our unique characters and whimsical storytelling capturing their hearts, minds and soul.

We all grew up influenced by the cartoons we saw as children and in some ways formed part of our personality and that’s exactly what our brand is set out to do. What better way to connect our world and characters with all generations than by instilling them the concepts based on the Andean Cosmovision, which motivates us to be more united, caring and conscious with each other, our surroundings and mother earth.

To achieve this, we decided on the name INKAWAII which comes from two words we truly love, INKA: our beautiful Incan culture that is the most important South American empire with a rich and fascinating mythology and KAWAII: a universal language that everybody has grown to know and love, meaning cute, adorable in Japanese that with its graphic lines, makes everything more tender and enjoyable.

With these two concepts we hope to accomplish our goal in making our brand a part of everyone’s life, bringing them happiness and joy.