The Kawibis live in the mystical land of Inkawaii a region located in South America in a universe parallel to ours where the inhabitants are anthropomorphic beings, myths, legends and forgotten gods of the pre-Columbian era, that at one time lived among us.  

Inkawaii is inspired by the Inka mythologies and Andean cosmovision and as so, is divided into 3 realms; Hanan kingdom in the heavens mostly inhabited by felines, Kay realm where most citizens live and where the Kawibis go to learn at Raqchi Academy and lastly, the Ukhu underworld mostly inhabited by canines. Our inka cosmovision has no true evil, everybody is there for a reason and purpose. Even Supai, lord of the underworld, wants to rule over all Inkawaii but only because he thinks everyone else is incompetent.

In this world, Nefasto and Lubella share everyday adventures with their gang the Kawibis. They not only meet pre-Columbian mythological creatures but also travel through inter-dimensional portals and meet other mythological beings and legends from different timelines and continents around the world. 

Inkawaii is a beautiful world that will take you through wonderful sceneries inspired by our Inca landscapes with many unique characters reflecting the fauna, flora and mysticism of our Latin heritage intertwining reality, fantasy and imagination for everyone to enjoy and fall in love with.