Inkawaii©™ is a Peruvian brand that produces creative, high quality products focusing on innovative, unique designs that are fun, entertaining and based  100% on our Andean Cosmovision.

Our universe with its Inca mythology full of joy and colors is made to captivate and conquer any heart without discrimination.

At Inkawaii, inclusion, tolerance and diversity reigns in our precepts that are based on love and respect. These are the proposals of our brand with a view to a better world.

Travel with us, rediscover Peru and fall in love with our fascinating culture.



We want to share and interconnect Peru with the rest of the world through our unique and fun designs based on our culture and mythology. We want Peruvians and the whole world to be inspired by our Andean Cosmovision and know that culture can also be fun and kawaii.



Being the Inca empire the most important and representative of South America, we want to raise awareness of its magnificence with the support of our fun, unique and original designs based on our Inca culture. We aspire to spread the positive message of our Andean Cosmovision and along the way become an iconic global lifestyle brand and lovemark not only for Peruvians and all Latinos but for the entire world.