Eco Friendly Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is present in our lives and what every company should abide by. As a business that is a part of this ever-growing movement and new norm, here at Inkawaii sustainable fashion is a way of life and these are the actions we are taking to be an environmentally and socially responsible Eco-Friendly Brand:

  • On-Demand Model – producing less waste 

  This allows us to avoid overproduction and textile waste.

  • Direct-To-Garment (DTG) more sustainable and less water usage than older apparel printing methods

 Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is more sustainable than older apparel printing methods, such as screen printing. In comparison, DTG printing is eco-friendlier because items get printed only when there’s already a customer for them and our printers use almost zero wastewater and less energy, lowering our carbon footprint.

  • ECO friendly, Water-Based Inks – toxin-free and non-hazardous

 The inks we use for printing are water-based and free of harmful chemicals protecting our clients and environment

  • Multiple Facilities – less air and water pollution by cutting shipping distances

 Our vendor facilities for printing in North America and Europe are based close to where our customers are. This means we can ship products faster and cut the shipping distances, resulting in less air and water pollution.

Sustainable fashion, the future is now!

The biggest advantage we have as a company over big fashion retailers is that on-demand produces less waste.

Traditional shopping chains produce items to sell, so they’re always manufactured in bulk to save money. Meanwhile, Inkawaii only prints a product when a customer places an order for it, creating items that already have an owner. 

This lets us avoid overproduction, textile waste and excess items that don’t get sold and have to be thrown out or burned, which the majority of retail giants do contributing to the 92 million tons of textile going to waste in the fashion industry each year.

Since here in Inkawaii we try to teach and communicate the Andean Cosmovision concepts  which motivates us to be more united, caring and conscious with each other, our surroundings and mother earth we as a company take sustainable fashion very seriously and make sure that our operating practices achieve ethical and Earth-friendly standards and that’s why we consider a business like ours a game-changer.

Here at Inkawaii we pride ourselves on being part of the sustainable fashion movement and gladly donate returned items to local charities and offer damaged apparel to animal shelters who can use them for their needs.